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All attempts will be made to communicate with you on dates we are on campus for mettings, orders and deliveries.  You can go to the Herff Jones tab and "find your school" and we will update dates and times there.

Most likely you will hear about our dates with your school through your school's email system, if available.  We may send you a postcard or letter through the postal service or text an approved number.

Online Shopping Tip


We know you're eager to order your senior or graduation items, but sometimes we're just not ready for you!

If you're looking at the Herff Jones site for your senior or graduation items and you see a BROWSE button, we need a little more time.  Shortly after we take orders at your school, you'll be able to shop online too.  When your online store is ready, that button will say START SHOPPING, and that's just what you can do!

More About Us


The Overall Graduation Office is a 30 year old Texas Small Business that’s family-owned and locally located.  PERSONAL SERVICE IS OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE.  We sell and service scholastic / GRADUATION /recognition and Jewelry products from Herff Jones- a US Company that has been in schools for over 90 years; all products are Made In America.  We provide Letterman Jackets & Patches and Tshirt Printing all from Texas based companies. 

With today’s technology and hundreds of choices at your fingertips on the internet – don’t be fooled for just the “cheapest” item, please consider the STAND BEHIND THE PRODUCT.  We are real people who care about our school’s students, faculty and administration.  Within our Owners, Representatives and Office Staff, we have children in several school districts in Texas and serve on PTA and Education Foundations Boards and KNOW THE EDUCATION SYSTEM with all its challenges and successes.  We are not some random website company.  YOU CAN COUNT ON US (PEOPLE) TO BE THERE.  We have two office locations in Texas but consider the school campus our office.  We are on your school’s campus many times throughout the school year.  We have trust-built relationships with our schools, administration and Principals.  We Give and Partner and Support Each of Our Schools. 

Our reputation has been built over the years with our schools’ staff and families.  We have been known to drive a cap & gown or a corrected Salutatorian Certificate to a school at midnight in order to make sure YOUR GRADATUION EXPREIENCE IS THE BEST!  We would never allow a student or school to not have what they need for their Graduation Ceremony.  We attend many graduation ceremonies behind the scenes providing needed items before stage-time or provide a “Grad Survival Kit” to the coordinator many days ahead.  We ensure our student’s look their best when taking that walk across the stage – making their families proud of their accomplishments.

OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE ->   We meet with students and provide info packets AT SCHOOL

                                                                We take orders AT SCHOOL

                                                                We hand-deliver orders AT SCHOOL

                We provide interest-free payment options.  We provide this website for payments, class ring design and Senior Graduation Orders as a convenience to you (at no extra cost) if you continue to miss us at your school.  We still deliver online purchased orders AT SCHOOL.